Provides professional services and onsite assessments

Our promise is to provide the best in Information Technology consulting, vulnerability scanning, onsite security assessments.  We automate the process of backing up your information to off-site data-centers where it is protected by multi-tier redundancy at network and hardware levels to ensure you always have access to your valuable history. Feel confident knowing that all of your business and personal liabilities will aways be safe.

Our Services



AEgir, is the newest addition to Blanchard Technology. AEgir provides you the necessary HIPAA compliant storage needed to avoid government regulatory penalties. Contact us today to learn more about our cloud solution and customized annual on site assessments. 

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Live video allows the provider, patient and specialist to all communicate together to achieve the best outcome for the patient. 

  • In or outpatient specialty consultation
  • Physician supervision of non-MD clinician
  • Make healthcare more accessible 

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 Unlike outdated file sharing software options, OurFilez offers transparent pricing, a user-friendly client portal, and seamless browser access from any desktop or mobile device,  saving your business time and money.

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What We Offer


AEgir Secure Cloud Storage

Our secure cloud storage is loaded with features to give our customers a solid data backup solution that is flexible and easy to use. Try our 100% software solution today by call a sales associate for more information. 

How it works


Cloud File Sharing provides universal access to your files via the web, your computer or your mobile devices — wherever you are. It also provides a platform to easily view & sync your contacts, calendars and bookmarks across all your devices and enables basic editing right on the web. 

how it works

Our Infrastructure


  • UPS systems available for true redundancy and performance maintenance bypass on each UPS 
  •  N+1 Generator Configuration 
  •  9.6 MW Total Power Capacity 
  •  Minimum of two fuel repleneshing companies on long term standby fuel contracts in place 
  •  Generator capacity is equal to or greater than the local commercial feed 


  • Reinforced concrete exterior walls 
  • 260 Feet Above Sea Level 
  • Steel roll-down doors on all entries 
  • RFID and biometric check-points at all ingress and egress 
  • 24/7/365 on-site security and monitoring 
  • External CCTV and Security System Within Parking Lots 


  • Carrier neutral environment with access to multiple providers; Bright House / Florida Light & Power (FPL) / Fiber Light / TW Telecom 
  • Cisco network, core to edge - our entire network is constructed with Cisco equipment 
  • BGP routing technologies add intelligence to select the fastest paths across internet backbones 

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