AEGIR Secure Cloud Solutions

Where is my data located?

Your data is located in a Tier IV SSAE16 certified facility in Lakeland, FL. More info on our infrastructure can be seen here.

How often am I billed for my disk space and licenses? 

All resources required are billed for on the first of every month. This means that if you ever upgrade or order more resources mid-month they will be pro-rated to the 1st of the next month. There may be times that you will pay for next month's bill if you order resources near the end of the month. 

Is AEgir HIPAA compliant? 

Yes, all data, when backed up, is compressed and encrypted using an encryption key that is never shared with us, prior to ever leaving the user's machine. HIPAA ultimately states that the data must always be accessible and can only be accessible to the medical pracitioner's office Can Blanchard Technologies see any of the backed up data?

No. We cannot see any backup data. We can however read file names and directory structures as they are required to provide control panel based services as well as keeping indexes of your backup data. Any actual data within those files backed up are not readable whatsoever by Blanchard Technologies or it's AEgir staff. Since no encryption keys are ever transmitted to us and you send already encrypted data we have no way of decrypting your data.

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