Meet Our Team


CEO Silas Blanchard

For the past 20 years Chief Executive Officer  Mr. Blanchard has been providing Network Security with a focus on Unix and Windows Compliance, Risk Management Framwork, and Penetration Testing. He strives to secure each enviroment through both technical implementations along with a deep understanding of the NIST Framework. 

Technology Advancements

Protecting Patients Privacy Through Technology

Medical professionals of tomorrow will depend on technological advances to secure the healthcare industry and protect patient privacy. 

Blanchard Technologies new AEgir secure cloud solution

Did you know Blanchard Technologies now offers a customized HIPAA cloud solution "AEgir" for your medical data and can be accessed anywhere you are!

Cost savings through the use of AEgir Cloud

Contact us today to learn how your data can be secured and benefit from cost savings through the use of our technology.